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HOTSB Marketing Sdn.Bhd. is geared to manufacturing and marketing value added convenience food that has become a part of people’s daily life. HOTSB has been involved with the food industry for several years. Over the years it has established its reputation as a company who represents innovative products; fresh and natural ingredients. HOTSB mission is to provide the best quality food for better quality of life.To achieve that mission, the company’s focus rests on consumer satisfaction, innovation, excellence, and a team oriented staff. HOTSB Marketing Sdn.Bhd. is managed by people with tremendous track record and more than 20 years of experience in successful marketing of fast moving consumer products and authentic quality Asian Ethnic sauce.HOTSB intention is to become a major player in integrated food manufacturing by the year 2010.The company started marketing of “Maknyonya” instant sauce in 2005 in this fast emerging market.
  Our Business Strategy
We believe that the most rewarding way to grow our business is to delight our consumers with high quality, healthy and tasty products and to focus on what we do best - spreading the nutritional values, unique flavours and natural goodness of Asian food to the world.
  Our Business Principles
  Supporting our strategy are three core business principles:
Investing in people
It is our fundamental belief that in order to be a consumer-centric organisation, we have to recruit and retain the best people and provide every necessary resource, training and incentive to optimise our human capital.
Emphasising on quality
It is our priority to base our processes and systems on quality to enable us to provide the best products, brands and services to the consumers and to our business associates. Advanced state-of-the art machinery and processing technique to produce quality paste with distinct flavors and taste.Internationally recognized Quality Management System to ensure that products conform to international standards.
In order to draw inspirations to retain the originality in Nyonya food cooking, HOTSB is proud to present its products under the brandname of Maknyonya.
Maknyonya has carefully modulated each kind of the spices, to obtain a healthy as well as tasty Nyonya delicacy. Maknyonya has also recognized the tastes of each flavors and spices in cooking Nyonya delicacies, including the preferences for peanut, coconut, gingers and other fragrances.Maknyonya is pre-prepared Nyonya sauce which makes cooking Nyonya dishes so easy. Maknyonya sauce delivers a delicious aroma and simplicity in cooking.
Maknyonya is proud to present, a simplicity in cooking, an easy to present, convenient, tasty as well as delicious in collections of Nyonya sauces. It is the most relaxing way to prepare an easy-to-cook Nyonya delicacy to fill up your family members under the warm environment to enjoy a flavored unique Nyonya food.
Maknyonya sauce comes in 4 flavors i.e Chicken Curry, Rendang, Fish Curry and Asam. Maknyonya pastes are produced with most advance technology and under good manufacturing practice.
  Maknyonya is packed into a nylon pack and into retort pouch which has double protection. Retort pouch consists of three or seven layers of lamination materials which makes the product easy to store and will last as long as 3 years.
  We have successfully established a strong foothold in Malaysia.Our products can be found in hypermarkets, supermarkets, minimarkets and wet market.Currently we are exporting to countries like Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam and Middle East.We are constantly increasing our product range to meet the demand of our customers.
  Creating value
It is our mission to create products that contain nutritional values and natural flavors by using solely local ingredients to meet and exceed consumers' expectations of today and the future. We are committed to produce the best quality paste for our customers all over the world and create business opportunity for our clients.
  Our Products
Although praised for the quality of many of the items on their menu, we have attained a special notoriety for our nyonya recipe. Nyonya recipes are complicated affairs, usually require hours upon hours of preparation. Often Nyonya housewives of the past would have to spent part of their lives in the kitchen.

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