Portuguese Seafood Fried Rice

Portuguese Seafood Fried Rice


100 gm - Mak Nyonya Instant Portuguese-Styled Steamed Fish Sauce
600 gm - Cold cooked rice 
150 gm - Squid, scald
150 gm - Peeled prawns
2 nos - Egg (beaten)
1 no    - Onion (chopped)

Cucumber, tomato and lettuce 
Pepper to taste


  1. Heat 3 tbsp oil and fry egg mixture till cooked, dish out. 
  2. Sauté Mak Nyonya Instant Portuguese Sauce, add in chopped onion until fragrant.
  3. Add in seafood and stir fry until cooked.
  4. Add in cooked rice and egg, stir well until heated. 
  5. Garnish with cucumber, tomato and lettuce. Pepper to taste before serve.